What is the Explore Pass Amsterdam?

Explore Amsterdam with ease: this is the Explore Pass Amsterdam
If you are planning a trip to the capital of the Netherlands, and want to experience the top attractions, highlights and maybe even some quirky gems, without any hassle the Explore Pass is the city card for you. This fully digital pass gives you access to your choice to the best museums and attractions in Amsterdam. Let’s get acquainted.

What is the Explore Pass?

The Explore Pass is a fully digital city card available with 50, 75 or 100 points. Use these points for discounted tickets to the attractions in Amsterdam of your choosing.

Explore at your pace

The pass is valid for a year from the moment you activate it. This means you do not have to rush your trip, you can spend your Explore Points whenever you want. Do not tire yourself out by cramming all your visits in a few days! Plan your trip conveniently and with enough time to experience the city and its true culture.

You can get the pass in advance of your trip, and book tickets before you even arrive. This way when you get to Amsterdam, you are sure that you are already have your ticket on the day you want to visit. No let downs because of fully booked venues!

Fully digital

The Explore Pass makes it easy to discover Amsterdam. When you get the pass, you can start planning. Because it is all digital, you will always have it with you. All the tickets to the attractions are in your Explore wallet. Easy to find, hard to loose.

What is included in the pass?

Hop on Hop off Amsterdam

There are more than 35 attractions, tours and museums in and around

Amsterdam available with the pass. Pick your favorites!

Enjoy some sightseeing around the city by hopping on and off the famous City Sightseeing bus, included in your pass for free. Every Explore Pass is equipped with a 24 hour ticket for the bus, without spending any of your explore points. To make it as easy and convenient as possible to experience the most of Amsterdam.

Use the sightseeing bus to hop from one attraction to another. Rest your feet and enjoy the tour. Get to see the highlights of Amsterdam and hop out when you want to visit a cool attraction!

How to make the most of your Explore Pass

Open your explore pass in the web-app. In this live booking hub, select the attractions that tickle your fancy. Find the top things that you want to do and get your tickets to reserve your spot.

Check out the example itineraries to see how much money you can save!


There are three types of passes available, the 50, 75 or 100 Point pass.
50 Explorer Points – €50,- euros per pass
75 Explorer Points – €75,- euros per pass
100 Explorer Points – €100,- euros per pass



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