Budget-Friendly things to do in Amsterdam

Are you looking for ways to enjoy Amsterdam without breaking the bank? We have gathered some tips for  and tricks to make your Amsterdam trip more affordable. Because even when you are on a budget, there is enough to do! From hanging out like the locals to finding good deals on museums, here are some free and budget friendly things to do in Amsterdam!

Is Amsterdam cheap or expensive to visit?

Well, is not the cheapest place. But you can make it as wild as you like. There are many ways to make it more affordable! Is it possible to have a cheap visit to Amsterdam? Yes it is. Here are the free and budget friendly things to do in Amsterdam.

Cheap and free Transportation

The first thing you can save money on while you are on your Amsterdam trip, is transport. The city is relatively small, so most highlights are walkable. Put on your good shoes and save money with every step you take instead of the public transport.

Known for being the most bike friendly places in the world, the preferred way of transport here is by hopping on a bicycle.Just bike your way back to the hotel. Rent a bike for 24 hours to explore the areas out of the city centre with ease.

Hot tip: if you are going out, bike to the club! This is how the Dutchies do it. No waiting on night buses or expensive Ubers.

Your Explore Pass comes with free 24 hour access to the Hop on Hop off buses that circle the city. The most convenient way to get acquainted with the city, but do not forget that this is a great option for transport between locations too!

Cruise the IJ-river for free

The only free public transport in Amsterdam are the ferries at the central station, you don’t need a ticket to board! Cross the IJ-river by hopping on one of the boats. The longest trip is about 15 minutes and takes you from Central Station to the super hip NDSM Wharf. Enjoy the views and the fresh breeze while you are off to explore a new part of the city.

Free Vondelpark open air theatre

Spend your weekends in June, July and August at the Vondelpark theatre! The open air theatre in the middle of Amsterdam’s favourite park offers free shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The nights have a standard routine: watch spectacular dance performances on Friday evenings. Laugh out loud on Saturday at the comedy shows. Dance and enjoy music on Saturday nights and Sundays.

You can always attend all these shows for free, and as often as you like! Enjoyed the show? Leave a little tip in the collection box, it doesn’t need to be much but it is nice to show your appreciation. If you want to be sure of a nice spot, you can reserve your place for €7,50 for the best views.

Explore the secret couryards of Amsterdam

Find the secret gardens in the centre of Amsterdam. ‘Hofjes’ were special living communities founded in the 17th century. Created for poor people, mostly women, to live and get the care they needed.

You can recognize a hofje when you see a set of small houses with a little courtyard. Take a stroll through the city and visit these historic and beautiful places, totally free!

Begin your journey at the Begijnhof, one of the oldest and most famous hofje (which is factually a hof, but a monastery). You will also find one of the oldest wooden house in Amsterdam here, which dates back to the 15th century.

Continue to Spui, to the Spuihofje. Walk to the Jordaan neighbourhood, where you will find most of the hofjes, like the Karthuizerhof and Rapenhofje. On the eastside of the Amstel river, you can find some more beautiful hofjes, like het Corvershofje, Van Brants Rushofje and the Occohofje.

Maybe you can find even more! There are 56 hofjes, 34 of which are still in use as a living hofje and 10 belong to churches.

Soaking in the Dutch culture

There is a Dutch verb for sitting on a terrace called ‘terrassen’. Order some drinks, maybe some Dutch snacks like bitterballen and enjoy hanging out outside. If you really want to feel the local culture, this is the way! When the sun is out, the Amsterdammers are outside. Therefore, it does get crowded and it might be hard to find a nice spot in the sun.

For cheaper people watching, grab a blanket and some snacks from the supermarket, and head to one of the parks!

You will also find people all along the canals hanging out with a drink in their hand, enjoying the views of boats passing by. There is no better way to soak in the Amsterdam culture, and it doesn’t cost you anything!

Discount on combination tickets Amsterdam

Some places are a must when you are doing a city trip, even when you are on a budget. When you are in Amsterdam you can not leave without visiting Rijksmuseum or van Gogh museum, as well as cruising the wonderful canals that make the city who she is.

These highlights are never on ‘sale’ or for free, but you cán find some nice combination ticket deals! If you know you want to do both activities, why not combine them and save some euros? Check out websites like Tours & Tickets, where they have a whole section of discounted combination tickets and see which combination is the right one for you!

Cheap sightseeing: Amsterdam city card

Of course, no city trip is complete without some museum visits or enjoying the unique attractions. And you can still do so even if you are trying to save money. For the budget traveler that wants to still enjoy Amsterdam and the best attractions in the city, a city card is the way to go.

The Explore Pass Amsterdam fits the budget of all savy tourists. Choose how much you want to spend, 50, 75 or 100 euros and pick the attractions that you do not want to miss on your Amsterdam city trip.

There is always a 24 hour ticket for the Citysightseeing Amsterdam hop on hop off bus included in your Explore Pass. One whole day of transport to some of the most important spots in the city. More euros saved!

In conclusion, try to keep a balance with some of the things you will spend more money on, and some of these free and budget friendly things to do in Amsterdam tips listed above. Have fun exploring!



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