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Thrifting in Amsterdam

Your guide to thrift / vintage shopping in Amsterdam

There’s shopping, there’s thrifting, and then there’s thrifting in Amsterdam! The city’s thrift shops and markets are like living museums, allowing you to sift through items that once belonged to locals. For those seeking sustainable and affordable fashion alternatives, Amsterdam offers a treasure of options.

But let?s be real?not all thrift shops are equal. Some are like finding a diamond in the rough, while others? well, let?s just say they have a bit too much rough and not enough diamond.  Lucky for you, we?ve done some research and come across the best thrift stores and vintage shops in Amsterdam. No scam or overpriced stores on this blog! So this is our selection of where to find the best thrifted stuff in Amsterdam!

1. IJ-hallen

Known for being the largest flea market in Europe, IJhallen is a haven for thrift enthusiasts. Held on weekend per month, so you might want to plan your trip around the next IJhal weekend! During the cold season it is held in a massive industrial warehouse, called NDSM Wharf, during the spring/summer, the market moves outdoors, becoming an open-air market. From clothing and accessories to furniture and antiques, you can find just about anything here. The market opens at 9 AM, so our personal suggestion would be: wear comfortable shoes, bring bags and be there as soon as you can! Check the IJhallen website for the agenda.

2. Waterlooplein Market

Waterlooplein Market is one of Amsterdam’s oldest and most famous flea markets. This market offers an eclectic mix of second-hand clothes, vintage items, vinyls and unique finds? but you will have to get your hands dirty to find the good stuff and do not be afraid of a bit of dust! While enjoying the thrifting you might need some laundry and dry cleaning-related help too. 

3. Candies

Although Candies is a vintage store rather than a thrift shop, it?s worth mentioning for its curated selection of high-quality items. Be prepared for higher prices, but also expect to find some rare pieces that are well worth the investment.

4. Kilo Shop

Kilo Shop has different locations, but the best one is definitely in De Pijp, Amsterdam?s trendiest neighborhood. We love the range of vintage fashion in this store which has everything from 80s style jumpers, fur jackets, summer dresses, sunglasses and high quality second-hand denim jeans. Unlike traditional thrift stores, Kiloshop charges by weight rather than per item.

Thrifting isn?t just about saving money; it is not just about sustainability; it?s about creating a wardrobe as unique as you are. By thrifting in Amsterdam, your wardrobe can become a unique collection of pieces that tell a story. Get ready to upgrade your wardrobe with unique pieces that scream ?I thrifted this in Amsterdam!?

Visiting Amsterdam on a budget?

Read more tips on ways to save some money on your Amsterdam trip in our blog. Pro tip is of course a city card that includes all the attractions you want to visit, for example: the Explore Pass Amsterdam. ?

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Summer activities in Amsterdam

Find out what there is to do in Amsterdam in summer!

What to do in Amsterdam in summer?

Thinking about a summer trip to the city of canals? Get ready for an unforgettable adventure! Summer in Amsterdam offers endless excitement with its long, (sometimes) sunny days and a calendar full of festivals. Visit the vibrant street markets, walk around the small streets, view the city from the water on a canal cruise, and take in the lively atmosphere. Whether you?re exploring the parks or the nightlife, summer is the perfect time to experience all the charm and beauty Amsterdam has to offer. So, pack your bags and get set for your summer trip to this city!

Amsterdam weather in summer

Most Amsterdammers would agree that the summer is the best time to visit the city! Since there are not that many sunny days, the locals appreciate the rays so much more! The average temperature is around 22 degrees Celsius. Do not get too excited, there are still 9 to 10 rainy days per summer-month on average. It is still hard to predict the Dutch weather, but your chances of nice weather (and even heatwaves) are a lot higher from June to August!

What to bring for a trip to Amsterdam in summer?

I wish I could write that all you need is tanktops and shorts, but there is no guarantee that you will have summer-weather, in summer. Therefor, bring some layers, pack an umbrella, and a raincoat could come in handy too! However, all the tourist shops have got you covered as well. If you ever need protection from the rain it will not be hard to find

How do I get ready for my summer adventure in Amsterdam?

Prepare for the crowds, this is the high season! The kids in the Netherlands have their summer break, like in most of the European countries. Make your reservations for museums, restaurants and attractions in advance to be sure of a spot.

Your Explore Pass lets you reserve activities before you arrive, guaranteeing you can visit attractions on your preferred dates and times. By planning your itinerary in advance, you can relax and enjoy your trip without any worries once you get to the city.

Summer activities in Amsterdam

Festivals everywhere!

Sun’s out, it is time to go out and dance! Whatever you are into, you will find a festival with your type of music in and around Amsterdam.

If you are in Amsterdam in summer, the gay pride canal parade can not be missed! The whole city turns into a open air festival.With music coming from the boats on the canals, the street parties and the parties after dark at the Regulierdwarsstraat, the gay stret.

Read more about the in this blogpost by Tours & Tickets for more insights.

Canal-Side Serenades: The Grachtenfestival

Amsterdam’s iconic canals become the stage for the Grachtenfestival (usually held in mid-August). Over three days, the city’s waterways come alive with classical music performances on floating stages. Pack a picnic basket, grab a spot along the canal bank, and lose yourself in the enchanting melodies.

Let’s go to the beach-each

You probably did not book a trip to Amsterdam to visit the beach, but in a sea-country as small as the Netherlands, a beach is always nearby! From the city, the easiest – and most visited – beach is Zandvoort, now dubbed: Amsterdam Beach. It can get very warm in summer, and this country is build for cold not heat, so the dune beaches of the Dutch coast proof to be an excellent option to cool down. Hop into the beach clubs when the sun is down and dance the summer-night away!

Must-visit attractions this summer

There are some attractions you do not want to miss when you are in Amsterdam, no matter the season. The Amsterdam Icebar proofs to be a destination for every season, it is always winter in there!

The Artis Royal Zoo really alive during summer! Walk around the beautiful park and watch the animals enjoy the nice weather too.

An Amsterdam activity list is not complete without mentioning a canal cruise. However for summer, opt for the semi-open boat. Soaking in the sun rays and the amazing views!


As soon as the sun is out, it is time to sit on a terrace. It might be hard to find a spot in the sun, because all the Amsterdammers will be looking for it! But walk around the restaurants and cafés and you will find a cute sunny spot for your people-watching.

Craft your itinerary with Explore Pass savings

Head over to our website’s itinerary section to discover how the Explore Pass helps you maximize your summer adventures. Explore pre-built itineraries or create your own, choosing from a diverse range of activities that suit your interests and budget.

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